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The Knoxville Music Boosters is a group of parents, teachers, students and community members
who support the music programs in our public schools. 
We work on lots of projects and always welcome new members! 

We Need YOU!

How to Help with Music Boosters

The 2018-2019 School Year is in full swing, and as always, the Knoxville Music Boosters are busy supporting the performing arts programs in the Knoxville Community School District, and we need your help!


Our major focus at this time is replacing, updating, or repairing aging instruments and equipment like music stands, sousaphones, percussion instruments, choir robes, etc.


We welcome the families of students in K-12, the students themselves, and community members who care about the arts in our schools. Did you know that kids who participate in school music programs get better grades, higher test scores than their peers? Investing in our children's fine arts programs is an investment in our future!


We know you are busy, so we are changing how we do things a bit. We know many of you cannot make it to a bunch of meetings. So, if you want to help with a specific activity, we will make it easy for you to sign up for just those days. If you want to be more involved - that's GREAT too! 


Here is a 'work in progress' list of Music Booster activities planned for 2018-2019 and the volunteers we need for each one.


2018-2019 Music Boosters Activities


Publicity Committee

Dates:  All Year,      Committee Chair: Annie Leonard

Coordinates Publicity for all events and activities, including making and distributing flyers, social media, press releases, radio and newspaper interviews, photos, etc. If you have some great photos of students and music boosters in action, please share them!

Needed: 2-4 pp



Out-of-Town Activity Chaperones

Dates;  All Year,     Committee Chair: TBD

Chaperones for KHS & KMS Band and Choir trips, competitions, etc. School requires that chaperones sign up in advance submit to a background check, which is good for 2 years.

Needed: 4-6 pp/event



Snack Providers

Dates:  All Year TBD,      Committee Chair: TBD

Provide snacks and drinks for longer trips/out of town activities.

Needed: 2 pp/event



Concert Chaperones

Dates:        All Year      Committee Chair: TBD

Backstage and Band Room Chaperones for all performances, K-12.

Needed: 4 pp/event



Marching Band Week Volunteers

Dates:  July 30-Aug 3, 2018     Committee Chair Ben McCartney

Assist Band Director with equipment and students during Marching Band practice.

Needed: 2-4 pp.


Band Uniform Organization & Distribution

Dates:  July - Aug 2018     Committee Chair: Jennifer Wadle

Help with organizing new uniforms when they arrive. On Aug 1 (tentative) documenting, fitting and distributing new uniforms, selling shoes, gloves & t-shirts to band members.

Needed:  8 to 10 pp


Band Week Potluck Family Dinner & Concert

Dates:  Aug 3 2018,     Committee Chair:  Ben McCartney

Organize, set up, clean up.

Needed: 4-6 pp


Football Game Concessions (with Knoxville Booster Club)

Dates:  Aug-Oct 2018 TBD,     Committee Chair: TBD

Fundraiser. Work concession stand at 1-2 home football game.

Needed: 4-8 pp x 2 dates


Car Wash at Knoxville Motor Inn

Dates:  Sep 15 2018,     Committee Chair: Dani Graves

Fundraiser/Team Builder. Organize, set up, wash cars, take $, clean up. This was our students' favorite activity last year! 

Needed: 6 pp/shift x 2 shifts, + students


Homecoming Tailgate at HyVee

Dates: Sep 28 2018,     Committee Chair: Tim McBride & KMS Band

Fundraiser. Organize, help HyVee staff with set-up, serving, bussing, and clean up.

Needed: 4-6 pp + lots of middle school students


New York City Choir Trip Fundraisers

Dates: Sep - Dec 2018,     Committee Chair: Jackie Duffy

Fundraisers: Hawkeye/Cyclone shirt sales, Candy Bar Sales, Spaghetti Dinner, Gift Wrapping, etc. All proceeds will be evenly distributed to reduce the trip cost for each student.

Needed: Students going on the trip and their families


Pasta Sales

Dates: Oct 17-Nov 2 2018,     Committee Chair: Heather Anderson

Fundraiser. Organizing and selling pasta products.

Needed: Middle and High School Band and Choir Students and families


Living Windows

Dates: Nov 15 2018,     Committee Chair: Shannen Cahill & Annie Leonard

Fundraiser. Bake Sale and Christmas Caroling at Iowa Realty office! 

Needed: 4-6 pp + lots of middle school students


Basketball Game Concessions (with Knoxville Booster Club)

Dates:  Nov 2018-Feb 2019 home games TBD,     Committee Chair: TBD

Fundraiser. Work concession stand at 1-2 home basketball games.

Needed: 4-6 pp + students x 2 shifts/ game


Spring Musical Meals

Dates:  Jan-March 2019,      Committee Chair: TBD

Provide meals for cast & crew during show week and set work days. Quantity depends on the number of cast and crew members. Work days bring about 30 pp. Generally, 1-3 households per date bring these meals.

Needed: Meals for between 30 and 75 pp x approx.12 dates


Spring Musical Costume & Set Volunteers

Dates: Jan-March 2019,      Committee Chair: TBD

Work to create and/or find costumes, sets, props, etc., during production weeks; dressers, and chaperones during rehearsals, Musical Week, & all performances.

Needed: Many!


Fine Arts Breakfast

Dates: May 2018,     Committee Chair: TBD

Organize, set up and clean up.

Needed: 4-6 pp

How to Contribute


We welcome your contributions, and we're making it easy to donate, whether you support our fundraisers or prefer to send money!
Support a Fundraiser

Check this page for our upcoming events and get your car washed, come to our tailgate party, enjoy our Variety Show, or donate or shop at one of our garage sales.

Amazon Smiles

If you are an Amazon shopper, use the Amazon Smiles option, and Amazon with send us 0.5% of your purchases! Go to and designate 'Knoxville Music Boosters' as your charity of Choice.

Send a Check

Of course, we also welcome checks sent through the US Postal Service!
Please mail them to:
Knoxville Music Boosters
PO Box 403, Knoxville IA 50138


Thank You for your Support!

2017-2018 Accomplishments

During the 2017-2018 school year, Knoxville Music Boosters worked hard, and had lots of successes!



With the support of the community from the previous school year, we purchased new marching band uniforms and debuted them at Ken Locke Stadium during the football season.


We sent chaperones along on marching band trips, to band and choir competitions throughout the year. 


We organized and fitted the new Marching Band Uniforms during the August Marching Band Week.

We helped purchase various pieces of equipment including a grand piano dolly, new uniform racks, and more.

We organized and volunteered to support the Spring Musical with costumes, sets, and meals during rehearsals and set-work days.

We raised funds for five scholarships for graduating Seniors.

And now, we're gearing up to continue the work next year!

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